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It can get pretty chaotic with the multiple things you have to do. To get productive, you need a productive tool. Work and get work done with the Tasks feature for your association.

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Task management tools
Task management platform

Prioritize your tasks here. Put a due date, mark the status of completion or in progress.

Create and
manage tasks to
stay productive

The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on completing a task is by assigning it to the designated members and then following through with it. With this tasks feature, you can ensure that your team stays on par with their timelines and deliver work on time.

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Task tracking platform

Track all your Tasks
at one place

Streamlining work takes more than just a physical diary. It takes a team! To make sure that you and your team follow a structured pattern of working, you can allocate work and tag specific team members for any work. Create an order that everyone can follow in order to get work done.

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Get started with Jambo

One happy member equals five more joinees. There’s a member waiting to join your association. Make it an easy journey for them.

Collaboration tool for associations

Take note of the activity and tasks done by members of your team. Notify them in real-time of the work in progress.

Collaborate with your teammates in

There’s no time like the present! We offer a great way to make sure that your association stays productive by collaborating with each other in real-time. Tab members and follow through with the work in progress. Members will get notified as soon as you assign a set action to them. You can also notify the designated people about the work done and proceed with the next pre-decided steps.

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Task management software

Assign & Reassign Tasks

Completed a series of tasks? It’s now time to assign that work to the next team member. Assign and reassign tasks easily when it comes to allocating work to members in your association. Do away with making calls or messaging members individually regarding the reassigning of work. Simply coordinate with the members on one single platform and make working with each other easy.

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personalized task managment software

Personalize task
views with advanced filters

Every project can have complex tasks that require micromanagement until completion. For this, we’ve created the solution of personalising task views. Using advanced filters like selecting priorities from high to low and the type of work, you can now make sure that members are aware of what work requires urgent attention, and which does not at the moment. The advanced filters also include features like adding a due date to notify when the work needs completion, and search option for you to locate the task immediately.

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multi task managment software

Create tasks that are needed to be done one task at a time.

Eliminate confusion and handle tasks
one by one

Sometimes, there can be a task within a task. The best way is to make sure that you handle each task, one step at a time. Utilise the task creation feature to ensure that each task is completed before you can close in on the major work.

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