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Member Data Management

Manage your member’s data in one place with sorting and filters, download data structured via multiple filters, get complete control over your data and be rest assured, its safe.

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members data management platform
multiple members data management

All member data at one place

Have multiple members joining your association? That’s great news! Now, it’s time to get cracking on managing their information like a pro. Jambo offers you the proficiency of storing all member data in one place.

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members data filters

Manage your member’s data and categorisation seamlessly.

Sort and filter as you like

Manage the diversity of your group by sorting and filtering member’s and their categorisation as per their information provided. Assign them roles that identify their responsibility in the group, from admin to guest. Delete, block or give rights accordingly, and message members whenever you need to notify them of further developments regarding their role in the group.

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Get started with Jambo

Track your member’s information easily using Jambo.

Rich member profile

Filter, search and locate members based on their profession, task, background, etc.

Download data with multiple filters

No need for a complex excel's spreadsheet when you have Jambo. You can extract member’s data by adding multiple filters to the command. This intelligent platform helps you sieve through the right keywords before you can search and identify a member of interest.

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Member data management software

Maintain privacy of data of each member with data stored securely.

Complete control over data for privacy

You or your members do not have to worry about the security of information shared. All data is securely stored in a location and data privacy maintained. Your members can rest assured of their information not being shared or hacked by third parties.

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Manage member’s data proficiently

Never worry about managing, sorting, filtering or updating members data. All data at one place

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