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Job Board

Create and publish job opportunities within your community, view and shortlist applications, and give members the chance to apply as well.

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Job Board Software
Pob publishing platform

Designate the right profile requirements based on the talent you are looking to hire.

Create and publish jobs in your community

Want to create a job portal that gives your members to find opportunities within the association or community.

Jambo has a job portal within the platform which allows you and your members to publish a job vacancy and invite applications from the community and outside. Interested members and users can apply and also track the entire application process in their jobs dashboard.

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shortlist Job applications

Mark those that perfectly fit with your requirements, check their resume, and other attachments.

View and shortlist applications

With incoming applications comes the added responsibility of shortlisting the right candidates. We offer a feature that helps you take control of this task efficiently. Now, view the applications easily and choose the ones that fit the bill.

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Get started with Jambo

Use the power of Jambo and the network of your association and community to help find the right applicants for the right job.

multiple job requirement

Get applications from multiple areas of expertise. Review candidates to select the ones you wish to interview.

All your jobs at one place

Not just one or two, but you can post multiple job requirements based on the team you are looking to build. From higher management to the executive team and other job titles, now put all your association’s talent needs in one place.

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members employment opportunities

Get notified by existing members who may be interested in the position you offer at your association.

Offer Employment opportunities to all members

Members interested can apply too! Look outside for great talent, but check in-house as well. You may have members within your association who already have the right kind of talent you require. Post for job requirements and also notify members of the same.

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Make your Job Board today

Helping hire the right people while leveraging the network of your association and community.

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