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Send custom forms to potentially interested members, share invoices and stunning Membership certificates.

Send membership renewals and reminders through notifications, maintain a membership directory to search for or network with existing members, and maintain limited access on payment and dues.

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membership management software
membership registration form

Custom forms with KYC documents

Create and design custom registration forms to capture and save the right information about your members.

All information entered will be saved in a secure folder where privacy of every member’s information is maintained. Update and modify registration forms in real time and have total control over information.

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membership renewal

All members renewals and reminders – maintained collectively.

Renewals and Reminders

Maintaining records of every individual’s membership duration can get confusing. Jambo provides a seamless way to maintain subscriptions, renewals and reminders without having the need to go back and forth.

Set custom reminder rules for your association and never worry about missed reminders.

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Get started with Jambo

One happy member equals five more joinees. There’s a member waiting to join your association. Make it an easy journey for them.

memberships certificates platform

Invoices and Membership Certificates

Generate invoices and membership certificates directly from Jambo and never worry about sending them to your members.

Members can access invoices and certificates right from their subscription details and will thank you making their lives easier.

You can focus more on growing your community and leave the mundane administrative work to us.

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membership directory app

Search and identify like-minded people under one roof.

Membership Directory- Search and Network

Collect and manage your member data at a single and secure location.

Having thousands of members in your association and community can become overwhelming when it comes to managing the entirety of every process but Jambo is here to help you.

Use our membership directory features to make things more exciting and engaging. Allow members the opportunity to search and locate other members for networking purposes.

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membership payment and dues

Restrict access based on payment and dues

While you have the best interests of your members in your mind, you also want members to pay while they use your platform.

Set custom rules and restrictions so that members can’t use the entire platform and its features, if they have not paid you, while still giving them limited access to see what's going on.

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