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What is Jambo and what does Jambo mean?

Jambo is an application that helps groups and communities to stay close and connected. Jambo is designed to encourage engagement, communication, and collaboration within a group.

Jambo means "Hello" in Swahili. Say Hello to conversations!

What are its features?

Jambo simplifies communication in a community or a group with an interactive feed with space for group discussions, easy polls creation, total communication of unlimited pictures and video attachment, personal messaging and painless events creations and management.

We help you to digitize your community in the simplest way!

Who can use Jambo?

Jambo can be used by groups of all sizes and interests. Jambo benefits groups that need to communicate with each other efficiently.

Examples of such groups are Alumni Groups, Associations, Communities, Chapters, Online Groups, Enterprises, and Non-Profit Organisations.

Who owns the information created within the community?
In Jambo, the community owns the data and information created. We always aim at creating a safe space for your community to interact.
How is my information secure in Jambo?
Data security is very important to us. Jambo is built using the most secure technologies and is hosted on AWS servers. Jambo is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 compliant. More can be read in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
How do I sign up to Jambo?

Jambo is a complete self-service platform and you may go to and create your own community by registering with your email ID.

Should you require any assistance in setting up your community on Jambo please write to us with a little information about your community at and we will get in touch with you.

Signing up with us is very easy and we will be happy to guide you through!

How can people join my community?

In Jambo, your community can either be an open community or on request only for selected members. Depending upon the nature of your group - interest-based or membership-based, the admin can set the preferences for the community.

If it is an open community, any member of Jambo will be able to join the community and instantly be a part of the ongoing communication.

If it is a request only community, the admin has the authority to accept/decline the request.

How do I invite members to my community?
You can invite members in your community in your group options > ‘Add People’. You can send invites to their respective emails or send a bulk invite by attaching a CSV/XLS file with their details.
As an admin, how much control would I have in the community?
An admin will have complete control over the community. Some of the features include adding and removing members, controlling the content in the community, and control over many flexible settings for permission control for the members to enable Jambo to suit your community’s needs the best. An admin also has the control to make other members admin.
Is Jambo free?
Jambo is available in free and paid plans. Please reach out to our team at for the best price for your community.

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