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Voting, Polls and Quiz

Ask the right Questions!
Grab attention and Engage your audience

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polls and survey tools
polls and survey app

Create a question, add your options for answers, and watch the magic of response unfold.

Create Regular Polls

Your audience deserves a voice. Give them the platform and means to share their perspective. Jambo offers a unique space for Sayers and Thinkers. Use our Polls feature to get feedback, generate leads, influence opinions, behaviors, and decisions.

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Polls for associations

All your polls at
one place

Imagine creating a record of valuable opinions and feedback from your audience. Jambo Polls offers you the opportunity to create this amazingly awesome directory of questions that your people take no hesitation to answer. Available and accessible in the poll section, your admin can navigate through the responses whenever needed.

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You won’t get an answer unless you ask! Use Jambo Polls to Interact with Members.

Voting for associations

Run important elections and

Run Election Campaigns

Let’s have a vote and decide the next step! “Should we hold team meetings every week or fortnightly?” Give your team the right to decide what’s best for each other. Hide responses from members and use it for running elections to vote for another member.

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Quizzes and Polls for associations

Take your poll a notch higher

Convert Polls to

Up the engagement quotient. Encourage people to answer polls by rewarding them with points for answering correctly. Convert polls to quizzes and make it exciting.

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Want to know how to create engagement through polls?

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