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Events and Ticketing

Ticketing, online and offline payments, invoicing, managing attendance, indexing images and conversations in one place, and sharing effective Minutes of Meetings- All made easy with Jambo.

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Event registration Platform
Online Event Payment Platform

Have your members make payments on your events dashboard seamlessly, with maximum security and privacy.

Payments - Offline and Online

Now allow members to use our powerful ticket configurator for events. Pay online or offline, or assign events to specific guests for free. Enable a ticket sale time and end time depending on the duration you prefer.

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Event Ticketing Software


Arrange and organise the tickets based on the type of event you are hosting, or promoting. Display the price and other relevant information as needed. Multiple ticket types, tickets for non members- all is covered.

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Event Attendance System


Get complete information about who attended the event by physically marking the attendance. Just scan the ticket and we do the rest for you.

Invite members to join the event. Check and determine the number of people who have paid for the event, or those who are on the ‘maybe’ list. Send personalised messages to each category of attendees or potential attendees accordingly.

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Event image sharing platform

Images and Conversation at
one place

Get centralised access to have all images shared and conversations made in one location. The images and chats will be saved securely and will be available to you whenever you need to access any information.

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Event Invoicing Software

Send a professional invoice to your attendees once they’ve signed up for an event.


Always be ready to have payments made without any delays. Assure your members and attendees of professional transactions through invoicing and settling payments.

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Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of meetings

Save important points of any meeting happening in the group in a folder accessible to the members assigned. No need to make elaborate details and share the same via email when Jambo gives you one place to monitor and make note of the events of any meeting.

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Need to organise your next event efficiently?

Ticketing, invoicing, inviting, and payments – all under one roof.

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