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Raising money for a good cause should never be a challenge and we are here to help. Just set up a campaign and see your members contributing to your cause.

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members donations app
community donations platform

Create a page to start your campaign, share information along with your monetary ambition for the cause.

Raise money for a cause

Are you working towards a cause that requires monetary backup? Jambo offers the perfect platform to raise money for your social cause be it to save trees from being cut down, or helping extend human life.

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members donations platform

Set a goal and encourage donations

Your words can make a difference and inspire more donations. Put across your ‘why’ for the campaign, and encourage people to join you with the same sentiments. Set goals to raise the amount you want to raise so members or people invited can help you reach that amount as quickly as possible.

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Get started with Jambo

Want to know how to make a difference to society using Jambo.

donation reminder platform

Send a reminder to a collective set of people who missed contributing.

Send reminders and nudge people to contribute

Identify those who dropped out from contributing at the last moment and send a reminder to encourage them to complete their contribution. Send inspiring messages to assure them of their being part of a relevant movement.

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Create and Encourage Donations using Jambo

Using a professional platform increases the credibility of your campaign. Want to know how to further amp up your campaign’s significance?

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