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Association management software

Association Management Software

The Association Management Software is an all-in-one roof for associations to handle various tasks. These tasks involve communicating with members, adding and removing, conducting events, providing memberships, and so on. This intelligent system is your go-to tool for managing and coordinating regarding any association-related tasks for your group or community.


Whenever you need to build a group or an association, the growth and sustenance of the same will depend on the willingness to stay active. This software gives you a user-friendly approach to make sure that members not only join your association but engage on a daily basis.


Interact with members, answer queries, ask questions, and engage with everyone to ensure continued growth. You can coordinate various activities with members as a group or individually. Post your communication and allow members to post their comments, be it in the live feed or through the private chat messaging system.

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What is a group without core activities? Any events that your association may hold can be addressed as well. Post announcements about upcoming events like award ceremonies, training sessions, and so on. Collect details on who would be attending the event, who wouldn’t, and send encouraging reminders to those that are on the Maybe List.

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Don’t let your efforts waste away when inviting or adding new members to the group. Use the membership feature to ensure that you have all the information for each member’s profile. You can send custom forms to interested members, share invoices and giveaway Membership certificates to those who have joined.

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Community Management Software
Event Management platform
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The Association Management System is not just limited to securing memberships or doing basis stuff. You get to provide members with the opportunity to contribute to the group through various activities.

Jobs Board

You can create and announce job vacancies within your association. Shortlist applicants, giving members a chance to apply as well. All job requirements can be mentioned in the same group, under one roof.

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Website builder

One of the easiest ways to make a website is by having the right software tools to build one. This website-building tool provides several options to customize your website, write creative call-to-actions, and add amazing features to it, among other benefits. From managing content effortlessly, while also sitting back and relaxing while our website builder manages the groundwork of building your community and bringing value to all members.

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Job Board platform
website builder platform

Get started with Jambo

Experience exciting new workflows with Jambo and redefine the way you interact, share and create together.


Managing your association online can get time-consuming and overwhelming. We’re here to make it easier and fun for you. This way, it won’t feel like all work and no play!

Robust Admin Controls

Assign admin controls to more than one expert in your association. Have the controls in your hands as well so you can oversee all the operations. We provide easy-to-use admin controls to ensure smooth functions and handling of your association.

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Voting, Polls, and Quiz

Need member insights? Want your group to vote for an important decision? You either generate a poll or conduct a voting program. Get all the answers you want in one swift method and all live on your association’s feed. Spruce it up with quiz questions to keep the group engaged.

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Making sure tasks are completed can get really tiring. It can also get out of your hands if the work is assigned to multiple members. The Tasks feature allows you to allocate tasks and even mark the progress of the work done.

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Online quizzes software
Task Management App


From managing member’s data to making payments and sending invoices, things could not get easier. Explore the other operations that you can manage using our Association Management Software.

Member Data Management

From filtering members to sorting member’s according to category, using our impressive robust admin controls to manage it all. There is complete privacy for each member’s data along with managing their information based on their profile.

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Payments, Invoicing and Ticketing

Create paid events, send invoices for events, and print tickets for members to attend the event. Also, publish membership certificates and create event-wise P&Ls.

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Wishes and Festivals

Your association is your second family. Everyone plays an important role in your group. And so, create reminders for birthdays, festivals and anniversaries, and build a sense of unity among members.

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Expose your business to a wider audience. Make your brand known to more people. Promote your products and services by setting up your company profile with relevant information like name of company, industry, location, policies, and more.

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