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Jambo feature comparison

FeturesYammerWorkplaceSlackJamboJambo Advantage


Create Discussions, Like/Reply, Add Images, Files, Etc

CheckCheckCheckCheckAll media is available at one place, neatly segregated between Images, Videos, Links and Documents


Create Groups-Open, Close


External Networks

Invite External users- Vendors, Partners to specific group



Create Events and Invite a group or a set of users

CheckCheckCheckIntegrates all photos at one place, so you never have to hunt for event snaps


Create a poll and administer to a group or set of users

CheckCheckCheckPowerful Poll with Multiple Questions, Ability to hide results from users and allow people to comment

Private Messaging

Send one to one messages to a user

CheckCheckCheckCheckEnterprise like Chat application powered with Sockets and available across devices


User Profile

CheckCheckCheckCheckMuch more meaningful Profile with Info, Badges, Hierarchy

Org Chart

Chart of the organisation


Praise and Recognition

Praise a colleague

CheckCheckBadges are visible in the profile, Control on who can give badges to prevent misuse


Search across Users, Documents,



Available on Web and Mobile



Integration with other Suites

Office 365Google DriveGoogle DriveGoogle Drive


Data security

SSO, PW policy, Session managment, Secure Connection, Separate Servers, SOC 2 compliantSOC 2, SOC 3, Privacy SheildSOC 2, SOC 3, Privacy SheildSSO, PW policy, Session managment, Secure Connection, Separate Servers, Hosting is SOC 2 compliantCompliant


Language of Content and Menu


Unique to Jambo

  • Custom URL

    Something like - rather than companyname.

  • Custom Home page

    Create and customize your own landing page that shows the company culture rather than having the same landing page

  • Custom Registration page

    Capture as much or as little data while regsitration. The registration page is highly customizable

  • Policy Signing

    Share Policies, create a Quiz around policy, give a badge of compliance on succesfull completion of Quiz

  • Idea Sourcing

    Use the knowledge of the entire organisation to solve a problem or look for solutions. Announce a challenge and wait for your talent to provide you solutions that you never thought were plausible