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What is Jambo and what does Jambo mean?

Jambo is an application that helps groups and communities to stay close and connected. Jambo is designed to encourage engagement and communication within a group. Jambo is available on iOS, Android and Web platform.

Jambo means "Hello" in Swahili. Say Hello to conversations!

What are its features?

Jambo allows a group to communicate better. The feature list includes Group Discussions, Events, Messaging and Nearby.

How does Nearby work.?

We help you find nearby members of your group by using location services. We do not share this location with any other service or use your location for any use except to show to your group members. You may switch off this feature by deactivating location from you mobile or from Privacy settings in Jambo.

Who can use Jambo?

Jambo can be used by any group that needs to communicate with each other. Example of such groups are College Alumni, Associations, communities, Chapters, etc

How do I sign up to Jambo?

This is the Beta version of the application and at this point of time signing up to Jambo is available only on invitation. If you are/ represent a community/college/association and want to explore Jambo you may write to and we will get in touch with you.

Is Jambo free?

Jambo is available in a free and paid plans. For more information please visit-